Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's another kind of confession.


So yeah. 
Ini cerita pasal kisah dongeng aku, okay kisah dongeng aku. 
Cerita angan-angan mat jenin, yang terlahir sewaktu belajar di Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah. 
You know, it's funny if you're somewhere to study, but you didn't have any crush right?
So, since the first day of class, I did all the list of my crushes~
Agak merata-rata lah, classmate, budak modul 2, budak modul 3, budak melayu cina india. 
Ramai gile. Alah. Crush je pon, bukan nak buat laki. CHOIII!
But I've got this one guy, very captivating, charming and all. 
Well, most of my friends knew who he is. Most.
At first, I was just treating him like..friend?
 Yup, everything started as friend.
 It's gonna be too dramatic if he started as my enemy right? -_-
Dia, tak pernah sekali pon sekuliah dengan aku, apatah lagi sekelas.
Tapi selalu je bertembung, said hye to each other etc etc..
Then there was one event that really bring us closer which I'm grateful that I joined it eventho
it was kinda interrupting my schedule everything..
But hey, I think fate brought us all together so, god gracious khansahamnida!
Recently, I've frequently contacted him, here and there.
Almost every night, and evening. Almost.
I don't know if he knew that I've got some little feeling on him.
But I think I was being too obvious to not to be noticed by him.
So I think, I better stop that kind of feeling for him.
And let our friendship be stronger!
Yeah, kita kan masih 19 tahun.
Kalau nak bercinta-cinta tu tunggu la bila dah ada gaji stable, rumah, kereta, contact saya okay? :D
I really hope that you notice this blog, and notice that I'm really trying to forget about how I feel about you.
It's hard to do, but hey, MAYBE I'M MISSING YOU, OH OH~~
Hahaha. #np G-Dragon- Missing You. xD
Yes, I'm sincere and hope that we'll do great in our friendship.
Okay? Okay? Not okay? Mampus tak layan. :P

So that's it, I hope that we won't be too awkward with each other next time we meet.

Sincerely from the very very veryyyyy bottom of my heart.