Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dompet ku , dompet mu.

it's been awhile since my last updateeeeee :p
This one is kinda interesting!

Okay, okay,
The story began when we, the 4A's was
in the Biology's Lab.
That day, I brought RM30 to school,
thought that I wanted to buy some books from the Koperasi.
Then, when the bell rang, we all rushed lah to the Biology's Lab.
And because of our previous story about this one person that
has curi our things yang we all tinggalkan rata2,
(and I'll call him N)
Jadi, I bought also my purse to the lab
and the purse is kinda big kott,
That's why, I just letak the purse under the table,
*Yeah, Biology's Lab table got laci under them.*
Then, the P+P berjalan seperti biasa lah.
Later, Biology punya lesson dah habis,
And masa we all greet Pn. Rafidah,
Michelle sedang duduk at my place,
And suddenly , I forgot lah about the Damn purse.
Then, I stepped out the of lab and only took me a minute to
recall about my purse.
And I turned back to the lab.
Lepas itu, I found out that my purse already
disappeared from its recent place,
Then I ask Pn.Rafidah wether got anybody told her about
someone's missing purse,
But she told me that no one told her anything.
Then I rushed back to the class and saw
N is putting something deep into his bag.
Later he dah ciao,
I've asked Afiq to jaga the pintu lah,
Tengok wether N is coming or not,
I go to his place and bukak his bag.
I just search my purse dalam his bag.
And suddenly, I've reached something that is
an unexpected thing
but obviously that I'm really expected that
my purse is in there,
But I never really sure about it.
Cause I thought it's just a khabar angin.
Of course no one will 100% trusted the khabar angin.
But now, I'm really confident about this and I
took out my purse out of his bag,
then all of the people rushing to me and
they didn't seem like as if they're shocked.
But they seem like they are really excited about it.
Adeke patut, they asked me to put
my purse back into N's bag.
Then, they'll acted lah yang we never knew that
the purse is with him,
And we thought about performing spot-check and caught him
with my very own purse in his smelly and really damn stinky bag!
Then, I just go lah sebab I got pengawas duty to do.
But before that, I placed only ten ringgits in the purse and I took out
my I.C lah cause I takot seandainya
I won't get my purse back,
But it all is under a very excellent controlled by Nas and the gang,
Then, lepas rehat,
Nas as our monitor masa tuh,
Dia pon started his act dengan menanyakan semua orang,
sambil tutup the class door rapat-rapat,
He asked,
" Sabrina punya dompet hilang, jadi siapa yang terambil ke, baik
pulangkan sekarang" .
Then, I made my sad face, although I'm happy,
But I faked it.
Then no one is replying him.
Then, Nas told them that we're going to perform a really quick spot-check,
And masa tu I rushed to Pengetua's office,
Then I talked to her about my purse,
And she left me with Pn.Tham,
Then Pn.Tham asked me to find Darshinii,
Then when I was about to call Darshinii,
N stops me and said:
"Eh, Sabrina, dompet kau ada dengan aku laa.."
And I really pissed off kott!
Bukan because he told me about bla bla blaa purse..
But because of I didn't make it to caught him red-handed with my damn purse in his fucking bag.
Dah lah tu, dia pegi cakap kat Pn.Tham
that he found my wallet and thought of giving it
to me after the recess.
And he fucked up and makes me look fool in front of Pn.Tham.
Then, semua macam "alaaaaaaaaaaa"
sebab xdapat kenakan si bodoh N!
HE's a thief.
And I wonder why he told everybody that he's so rich,
but still,
He's stealing others property.

p/s: maaf ingelish saya lemah :p
sesekali nak gak saya sepikinngg xD